What is KIAF?

The Kathmandu International Art Festival is the largest international art event held in Nepal and will be held as a nonprofit, noncommercial festival every three years by the Siddhartha Arts Foundation. Each edition of the festival is based on a particular theme. The festival is about bringing like-minded individuals together in a contemporary aesthetic experience. This is about art for a social cause.


To firmly place Nepal on the global map as a venue for the contemporary arts, allow for artistic collaboration and exchange among international and local artists, and use art as a platform for critical reflection and the sensitization of society.

A little bit of history

The Siddhartha Art Gallery organized the first Kathmandu International Art Festival in October 2009. Over 100 artists from 25 countries participated in the two-week exhibition under the theme ‘Separating Myth from Reality – Status of women. The Festival which was held at six different venues across Kathmandu was well attended and received extensive media coverage locally and internationally.

For More: http://artmandu.org/new/1st-kathmandu-international-art-festival/

Inspired and encouraged by the success of the Festival, the Siddhartha Arts Foundation proposes to host the second edition of Kathmandu International Art Festival in November 2012. The Foundation will ensure the long term continuity of the Festival.  Entitled ‘Earth|Body|Mind’, the month long Festival is a non-profit endeavor and will be dedicated to one of the most critical issues of the 21st century: Climate change.

The 2nd KIAF seeks to advance the field of arts management and bring professionalism to the contemporary arts scene in Nepal. Collaborating with likeminded individuals and institutions, the 2nd KIAF will realize Kathmandu as an international contemporary arts hub.

About the Organization

Siddhartha Arts Foundation

The Siddhartha Arts Foundation (SAF) arose from a need for an organization that promoted the arts in Nepal beyond the confines of a gallery structure.  The Chairperson, Sangeeta Thapa, has run the Siddhartha Art Gallery for 25 years. Thapa envisioned the mega art festivals as an innovative step to promote the arts in Nepal.  Occurring every three years, the 2nd Kathmandu International Art Festival (KIAF), is its first endeavor. The Foundation was formally registered on 31 October, 2011, as a nonprofit organization.

The foundation’s role is to serve as a patron for the contemporary arts in Nepal, and to collaborate with like-minded people and organizations to design projects for its promotion and strengthening.

The vision for the foundation is to link itself to the local community by setting up community art projects and working with local and international arts institutions (museums, centres, institutes, universities). It envisions collaborations among the visual arts—painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, digital art, ceramics, installations— and other forms—literature, theatre, music, dance.  The foundation initiates artistic programs that stimulate the development of contemporary expression in Nepal, while encouraging an awareness of its rich artistic history.


Board of Directors

Secretary(Ex-officio) Ministry of Federal Affairs Parliamentary Affairs, Constituent Assembly and Culture, Nepal
Brett Egan Director, DeVos Institute of Arts Management, John Kennedy Centre, USA
Fabio Rossi Director, Rossi & Rossi, UK
J N A van Caldenborgh CEO, Caldic Collections, The Netherlands
Satya Mohan Joshi Culture Specialist and writer, Nepal

Advisory Committee

Abhi Subedi PhD Professor of English at Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Alexander Spacis PhD Ambassador, European Union Delegation to Nepal
Kanak Mani Dixit Senior Journalist and writer
Maura Moynihan Artist and writer, USA
Sanjeev Uprety PhD Professor of English at Tribhuvan University, Nepal

Selection Committee (2nd KIAF)

Dina Bangdel PhD, Associate Professor of Art History, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
Jagath Weerasinghe Artist, Art writer, Professor, Postgraduate Institute of Archeology, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Joyce Toh Senior Curator, Singapore Art Museum
Navin Singh Khadka BBC NewsCorrespondent, Specializes on Climate Change
Rajeev Lochan Director, National Gallery of ModernArt, New Delhi, India
Salima Hashmi Curator, Contemporary Artist, Dean of the School of Visual Arts, Beaconhouse National University, Lahore, Pakistan

Working Committee (2nd KIAF)

Name Position
Sangeeta Thapa Director
Sharareh Bajracharya Coordinator
Nischal Oli Media Coordinator
Sujan Chitrakar Art Logistics/ Creative Consultant
Tulsi Joshi Accountant
Nayantara Gurung Kakshyapati (Photo.Circle) Photography Creative Consultant
Bhushan Shilpakar (Photo.Circle) Designer of Publications
Amit Bajracharya (Pagoda Labs) Website Designer
Raj Kumar Pandey (Temple Travel) Management of Flights/Cargo
Shailaja Kasaju Accommodation In-Charge
Abhilasha Thapa Intern
Raunak Rajbhadari Intern
Porcia Manandhar Intern
Anmol Bajracharya Intern
Sujeena Bajracharya Intern
Pratish Shrestha Intern
Kusum Lama Intern
Bikash Chandra Amatya Logo Design


We would also like to thank Kanchan Budathoki,Achal Raj Pandey, Promina Shrestha,Cecelia Rana and Sangya  Acharya for their help.