Creative Writing & The Arts

Creative Writing & The Arts” is a three-day workshop facilitated by Siddhartha Arts Foundation’s Educational Initiative (SAFEI) and La.Lit. With a focus on Nepal and writing in the English Language, participants will attend three sessions: on creative writing, on responding to the arts, and on writing critically for the media.

In the first session, participants will examine various ways of articulating and making sense of a piece of art.  Rather than focusing on visceral and instantaneous responses, participants will be urged to go a little bit deeper into the artwork.

The second session will focus on writing with the senses, and bringing a powerful, lyrical voice to descriptions with the help of writing exercises where participants will write sentences incorporating as many sensory details as possible in describing an object or experience. Participants will be asked to make a habit of responding to images as ideas, reducing a forest to its fractal imprint.

This third session will build on the previous two sessions on how to respond creatively to the arts with a focus on how one should prepare and present such work for publication. Participants will consider what forms they might use to articulate writing about the arts – blogs, reviews, op-eds, even tweets – including the different approaches to each. The session will also focus on how to pitch their work to publications, how to work with editors, meeting deadlines, and one should respond to criticism or one’s own criticism.

Interested candidates will have to email their writing sample/s to, and register here:

The workshop is also an opportunity to train writers for our Art Manual (to be published in September 2016), and further train selected writers.

Furthermore, the workshop will undertake an informal approach to actively engage and encourage participants to contribute and discuss their ideas and thoughts throughout the sessions, while the timings have been kept fairly short to allow participants to digest each day’s session.

As always, the workshop is free of cost, and refreshments will be provided.

The discussion is part of a larger effort by the Siddhartha Arts Foundation (SAF) to improve art curation, art coverage, and artists’ careers in Nepal.

Please feel free to share the form amongst your friends and social circle.

The more the art writers, the merrier!

About The Facilitators:

Rabi Thapa is a writer and editor based in Kathmandu, Nepal. He is the author of the short story collection Nothing to Declare (2011, Penguin India) and the Editor of the literary magazine La.Lit (

Niranjan Kunwar is an Assistant Editor at La.Lit, a literary magazine. He also works as an educational consultant.

Prawin Adhikari is an Assistant Editor at La.Lit, and the author of The Vanishing Act (2014, Rupa).

Event Details:

Facilitators: Prawin Adhikari, Niranjan Kunwar, and Rabi Thapa

Where? Baggikhana Hall (Ground Floor), Yalamaya Kendra, Patandhoka

When? May 31, 2016 (Tuesday) – June 2, 2016 (Thursday)

Timings? 10 AM – 2 PM

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For more information:

Call: 9818239744 (Sujan G. Amatya)

Email: (Sujan G. Amatya)

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Open Call For Art Manual Poster

Siddhartha Arts Foundation Education Initiative (SAFEI) is planning to commission in-depth articles on Nepali art practices/art writing in the English and Nepali language. These articles will be commissioned on behalf of local partners who will publish the pieces in their publications and/or online portals, and then reprinted for SAFEI’s Art Writers’ Manual.

SAFEI will be commissioning these articles (between March and May 2016) for a manual it aims to publish by October, 2016. You can choose your own topic, or take our suggestions. These commissioned articles will be developed through a mentorship program, and then will be included in the manual. SAFEI will be offering upto NRs. 10,000 for the articles. Copyright of the commissioned articles will belong to SAFEI, but individual authors will be duly credited for their work.


Two distinct categories of articles are being sought:

Manual Specific: These articles, 1000 words or less will provide content to help writers understand the discipline of art criticism and art writing. Articles within this category will require an extensive bibliography and in-article references to support any opinions expressed.

In-depth Articles: These articles are intended as examples of critical writing. Writers can choose between several thematic categories and/or provide their own storyline in the form below. In-depth articles will be required to be of at least 2000 words or more.

Since 2014, the Siddhartha Arts Foundation’s Education Initiative (SAFEI) has been organizing intensive workshops and short courses to professionally develop the management, curating, and criticism of the arts in Nepal. Alongside these workshops, SAFEI has worked towards building sustainable infrastructure to its efforts.

For art criticism, SAFEI has been working with local experts, writers, and editors to host workshops, lecture series, and discussions as capacity building exercises. However, these time-bound programming do not appropriately address one critical issue – constant turnover of novice writers to cover the arts.

Hence, this open call and manual aims to encourage more writers, generate interest in arts writing, compile relevant information, and build a foundation of the discipline on art writing.


Feb 20: Open Call

April-May: Submission of first draft

June: Review of the first draft and feedback from mentors

July: Submission of final article

August-September: Publication of articles in mainstream media

November: Publication of the Arts Manual

About SAFEI:

SAFEI is a partnership between the Siddhartha Arts Foundation and Centre for Culture and Development, Denmark. It hopes to build art capital to support the growth of Nepali contemporary art practices by training art managers, curators, and art critics. SAFEI envisions a thriving Nepali art industry where a receptive public engages with a responsive artist community through a resource pool of art leaders.

For more information:


Call: 9849519933 (Nischal Oli) / 9818239744 (Sujan G. Amatya)

Email: (Nischal Oli) / (Sujan G. Amatya)