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    Horlicks Nationwide Art Competition: “My Creative World”

    A nationwide art competition with the theme of climate change will be organized in Biratnagar, Pokhara, and the Kathmandu Valley. The art competition aims to promote art appreciation, awareness around environmental issues and is an outreach medium for the festival. It will be directed by local school teachers and will be judged by a selected [...]

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    KIAF Volunteers Orientation program

    The program orients volunteers to the festival and theartworks. It briefs them about the guided tours that will be given to visitors during the exhibition, the management of the galleries, symposium, hosting participants and guests and social media support. Volunteers will be from Arts, Engineering, Environmental Science, and Management Universities or even recent high school [...]

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    Three Day Symposium

    A Three Day symposium from 26 to 28 November will take place at the Nepal Tourism Board from 1 to 5PM for a wide audience of art lovers and environmental activists! Let’s learn more about the artworks and what people are doing to share their experiences and love of the environment in different countries! We [...]

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    Film Showings

    Every Friday, there will be film showings. Please stay tuned on our website as we keep adding events!

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    Guided Tours

    Schools will have the opportunity to book times during the day when art school students will lead guided tours of the artworks and the venues. We will put up the schedule and book gatherings. These will be hands on so children will be able to experience creating as well!

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    Printing of Educational Materials

    A catalogue of all the artists and their artworks will be created. The catalogue and placards explaining the meaning and significance of each artwork to the environment will be published in both English and Nepali. The symposium papers will be created into a publication. These publications will be distributed and available for people to purchase.