How do I plan my visit?

Which artist is showing where?  The festival venues are spread throughout the city. The exact locations and their pictures will be updated on the “Venues” section. Check it out and identify which artist will be exhibiting their artworks and performances at which venue.

What kinds of events are being held and where? Check out the “Calendar of Events”! An inauguration ceremony, a three-day symposium, Pecha Kucha Night, performances, ‘happenings’, film showings, guided tours, and collaborative events with environmental and youth organizations.

Where can I stay during my visit?  There is a whole range of places to stay in Nepal, to suit all tastes and budgets. A variety of  rooms are available to host all of our artists. Visit our “Accommodation section”, which has details of prices, photos and information!

 How do I get to the venues and events?  Check out the “Saturday Shuttle Service” under our “Travel” section and know how to go around the different venues! Guided tours will be held to orient school children, college students, adults, visitors, art lovers and art enthusiasts to the artworks and provide platforms for critical analysis!



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